Israeli Apartheid

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As we have often discussed, the perception of Israeli apartheid as conveyed via the American media is quite different from what is portrayed in the rest of the West. Alienating us from allies and potential allies.

To that point: The attached cartoon appeared in last Sunday’s Times of London, hardly a skin head, neo-Nazi publication.

Sunday Times, Netanyahu Cartoon
Sunday Times, Netanyahu Cartoon

Watching AIPAC talking points being spewed at Senator Hagel during his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense, it was heartening to see, in the President’s choice of a nominee, an administration which puts America’s geo-political interests in the Middle East first.


How Did The Bard Put It?

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How did the Bard put it: “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

So BHO says he has two lines of attack:

Congressional action re renewing assault weapons ban, etc. However his Majority Leader in the Senate says he won’t propose legislation which could not get past the House. The House, where a Republican majority says it’s DOA. So, Senator ‘Vegas’ Harry leaves his President turning in the wind.

Executive fiat actions. I read all 23 and when I was finished I re-read them thinking I must have missed something. It was pabulum, pabulum chewed be a sow and pooped, then run over by a truck, a big truck. Nothing but mush there, nothing.

In order:

  1. ‘Issue a Presidential memo’
  2. ‘Address legal barriers’.
  3. ‘Improve incentives’.
  4. ‘Direct the AG to review’.
  5. ‘Propose rulemaking’.
  6. ‘Publish a letter’.
  7. ‘Launch a national safety campaign’.
  8. ‘Review safety standards’.
  9. ‘Issue (another) Presidential memo’.
  10. ‘Release a report’.
  11. ‘Nominate an ATF director’.
  12. ‘Provide first responders with training’.
  13. ‘Maximize enforcement efforts’.
  14. ‘Issue (yet another) Presidential memo’, this one to the CDC.
  15. ‘Challenge the private sector’.
  16. ‘Clarify Obama Care’.
  17. ‘Release a letter’.
  18. ‘Provide incentives’.
  19. ‘Develop model plans’.
  20. ‘Release (another) letter, this one re Medicaid.
  21. ‘Finalize regs re health benefits within Obama Care’.
  22. ‘Commit to mental health parity regs’.
  23. ‘Launch a national dialogue’.

I kid you not. That’s it;

Issue (3), Address, Improve, Direct, Propose, Publish, Launch (2), Review, Release (3), Nominate, Provide (2), Maximize, Challenge, Clarify, Develop, Finalize and Commit.



Political Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds – Again

My Great Good Friends,

My missive on the hypocrisy of political opposition to gun ownership touched upon the absurdity of defining a weapon’s lethality based on appearance.

There have been a number of questions to this point, and, leave it to Good Buddy Emil to source the dispositive answer.

Please open and pass the word.

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Political Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

My Great Good Friends,

As anyone with a knowledge small arms knows, the national gun debate is a joke. As you may have heard me explaining to Laura Ingraham; a magazine capacity limit can be thwarted by a roll of electrician tape, let alone a plastic Mag Pul coupler which reduces to less than a second the differential to expending a larger capacity clip. Similar logic holes may be illustrated for every element of the anti-gun proposals.

Assuming the political proponents of these panaceas are not stupid, it begs the question of their motivation: Confiscation conspiracy? I doubt it. Ignorance? Quite possibly, given their rant against scary black ‘assault rifles’ while ignoring the more benign looking hunting configurations with the exact same functional components. Political opportunism? Sounds about right.

A political opportunism which illuminates the most amazing hypocrisies.
Here is my favorite (so far); On April 27th 1995 Senator Dianne Feinstein testifying in an open session (i.e., televised on CSPAN) of the Senate Judiciary Committee explaining how, when she felt threatened by the New World Liberation Front, she applied for and received a concealed carry permit, completed a firearms training course and armed herself saying; ” I made the determination that if someone was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me.”

For those of us who do not have the Capital Police protecting us at work, or State Troopers protecting us at home, I say Amen Senator.