A Mayoral Question

My Great Good Friends,

A question I recently asked of New York City Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis.

I don’t remember what his answer was. Which doesn’t matter. He didn’t win.


“Sir, Without revisiting the chaff of disturbed children getting to their mother’s firearms, or the wisdom on ‘gun free zones’ which become ‘free fire zones’ like hospitals, theaters, temples, schools etc., topics which have been discussed ad nauseum, would you please address one very specific point:

When you are Mayor will you harmonize NYC’s hand gun carry laws with the rest of NY State?

Meaning, I know many of the men in this room, and in fact have wing shot with many of them both here and abroad. Many have military, national security or law enforcement experience and would pass any check no matter how rigorous, so I am not asking what criterion you endorse.

Simply; Will a permit issued from any county of NYS, be afforded the reciprocity every other county extends to permits issued from our city’s five counties?

Thank You”