Tommy’s Legal Defense

My Great Good Friends,

Whilst this note may end up on (my editor is always looking for grist) it is not the usual polemic, or, as some of you call it ‘rant’.

This is a solicitation for help. The unprecedented success the left is having in scuttling free speech and debate is striking close to home. An acquaintance, Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media, is in my opinion one of the essential resources for the thinking right. His articulate defense of traditional values and success at illuminating the fascist tactics the militant left employs to silence conservatives has had a cost attendant.

After eight years on Fox News, Gavin’s regular contributor segments were dropped and he is building out new forums (having resigned this week from Rebel Media and Compound Media).

While engaged in the high profile national media debate over Orwellian Antifa, Gavin still shows tremendous concern for for those mostly anonymous individuals caught in the nascent violence of the militant left.

One such case is Tommy Christensen. Gavin has told me after being harassed and assaulted in Portland Mr. Christenson relocated to Chicago where he was again assaulted and hospitalized. A year later, assaulted a third time he fought back, hospitalized his assailants and was arrested.

Gavin has established a legal defense fund for Mr. Christenson. Donations may be made through PayPal at Gavin has promised complete transparency and receipts, so please help if you can.

AnyHowitzer, enjoy the Labor Day weekend, and remember: “Labor without Capital is just a hobby.”