The Following is 100% True

My Great Good Friends,

Gentlemen – Honor bright – hand to God – “If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin'” no BS, the following is 100% true.

Sunday I joined good buddies Steve Vaccaro and John McHugh on the outdoor pistol range at the Maidstone Gun Club. John excused himself shortly after I arrived and I invited an elderly gentleman, who had been watching John and Steve, to shoot with Steve and I in the next round.

The ‘game’ was five holster drawn shots, individually timed, with one point for each of the five quickest awarded, however only shots on target (8 1/2″ by 11″, at 21′ included in the tallying for points).

I lent the elderly gentleman a .45. He slowly made his way to the shooting position, set his arm-braced cane aside adjusted his position in an attempt to hear the shot timer’s buzzer, cleaned off his glasses, mentioned that he was 82 years old and his youngest daughter was older than Steve, asked what would be considered a decent time, and proceeded to kick the living shit out of Vaccaro.

Photos to follow…