Run… Don’t Walk

My Great Good Friends,

Curious to explore the logic of progressive politicians whose politically correct policing policies do more to protect criminals than their victims, over a delicious Italian seafood repast with liberal friends I dredged up the old polemic:

If a pedestrian (of any race, but especially black) while being approached by a black person walks across the street to avoid passing, are they racist?

Good buddy Ungie took the affirmative position bolstering his contention with the usual a’priori liberal tropes; ‘all people…’, ‘relative percentage…’, ‘irrational fear based upon false statistics and fake news…’, while I took the opposite arguendo.

Good buddy Emil has settled the point :

So I was wrong; with the statistics provided by the USCB and the NYPD, one should not walk across the street in NYC when approached by a black; they should run.

While only 22.0% of NYC residents are black (2015 Census update) they commit (by NYPD arrestee):

  • 52.4% of the murders
  • 44.3% of the rapes
  • 38% of ‘other’ sex crimes
  • 59.9% of the robberies
  • 52.5% of the felonious assaults, etc., etc.
  • Oh, and 67.5% of all the shootings.

The sad irony in all of this, which my liberal friend can’t seem to accept, is the same statistics show the victims are disproportionately — to an even greater extent — also black.

You can see the entirety of the report here.


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