Criminally Outlawing Support for Israel Boycott?!?


Thanks for the article about U.S. Lawmakers Seeking to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Against Israel. I have been looking forward to this since AIPAC 2015.

Anything which illuminates the the nefarious way fifth column zionists manipulate our representative process by influencing (buying?) elected officials support for policies which are opposed by the majority of the electorate is a good thing.

I have been following similar legislation elsewhere. Even in those countries which do not have an analogy to our first and fourth amendments in some the legislation has been rejected. More importantly in every country the debate has crushed the efficacy of the pro-zionist influence peddlers whose agenda (to subordinate their host countries’ geopolitical interests to Israel’s) could never win a referendum and has hereto for been kept out of the public view.

Collateral benefits include; rending the stereotypical ACLU liberal’s support for an apartheid, misogynistic theocracy they would not support anywhere else, and bringing the occupation conditions, condemned by the rest of the free world to the American public’s view.

These are Great Days for Freedom,


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