‘ol Buddy Mike, Introduction

My Great Good Friends,

I have had the privilege of ‘ol Buddy Mike’s insights as a co-worker, venture partner and friend for +/- 30 years. Trained as an architect he is an accomplished private equity investor and, on the stopwatch, as quick on a debate uptake as anyone I know.

An interesting facet of ‘ol Buddy Mike’s personality forming experience was his becoming a Jew. Of particular interest is his concomitant emphasis on the social aspects of his conversion with little or no heed paid to any tenets of the faith.

A pilar of his typical social Jew orthodoxy (along with Sienfeld re-runs, Zabar’s and AIPAC contributions) is an unflinching, I would say unthinking, support for Israel. Ironically a daily glance at the Israeli press shows a frantic debate for the soul of a nation not seen here since the abolitionists and segregationists. Yet the American perspective, as filtered through our media support of their right-wing Likud faction, is one dimensional.

‘ol Buddy Mike has perfectly internalized that perspective and argues the “only ally”, “only democracy”, “surrounded by enemies” tropes so well I think you will enjoy a few of our recent volleys.


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2 thoughts on “‘ol Buddy Mike, Introduction”

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