Bibi as Mr. Rogers

My Great Good Friends,

Good buddy John shared the video below, originally from the Israeli Video Network. In it Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes on at some length about the open nature of Israeli society, how he visited a Moslem school, how he encourages children to become Arabic / Hebrew bilingual, etc.

His denouement is life for gentiles in Tel Aviv is better than it would be in Aleppo. And in Zionism’s relativist world of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ is bad genocide, but ‘Operation Reinhard’ was worse genocide, I guess that makes sense.

AnyHowitzer, enjoy the video, and please note my critique,


Thank you JD,

I’ve heard him make that point a number of times.

Unfortunately it’s reminiscent of a 1960s segregationist Governor extolling social change, but without addressing the discrimination institutionally inshrined in law.

In Israel’s case that would include their foundational documents and things like the right of return, an ethnocentric state, the establishment of zones of limited autonomy for indigenous people, etc.

Further the Israelis practice what is referred to as ‘visible equality’, i.e.; fanfare for granting gentile citizens the vote, but, only after having gerrymandered (through resettlement of +/- 750k Palestinians) Jewish demographic majorities and prohibiting any Palestinian political party from being part of a governing coalition.

The Israeli approach may be more subtle than South African apartheid (Afrikaans for “separate”), whose gerrymandering had 87% of the land controlled by whites, but no less insidious. Further Israel shrewdly legitimized their version of ‘separateness’ by framing it in nationalist versus racial terms.

After all that, can you imagine how President Trump must have shaken Likud when he said we were open to a one state solution.

AnyHowitzer please see SPQR.Today for other examples of BiBi reacting to a post Security Council Resolution 2334 world.

To quote the BNC; “This time the real news is that this time around Israel, with all it’s influence in Washington, cannot put the genie back in the bottle.”

And that is thanks to president Obama.