Big Election Tomorrow

My Great Good Friends,

Big election tomorrow, and, lest anyone think the opinions of 47 Republican Senators, recycled neo-cons, evangelical Christians, Likud lunatics, or messianic Orthodox settlers (which we are inundated with daily by Fox News) are representative of the wider view of civilized nations, note this cartoon which appeared in The Times of London:

Sunday Times, Netanyahu Cartoon
Sunday Times, Netanyahu Cartoon

The Sunday Times Netanyahu cartoon may illustrate the barbarity in a way even Sean Hannity’s viewers can comprehend. Although possibly not, inasmuch as they seem to think ‘Israeli – American’ ( as in: I-A security, I-A interests, etc.) is one word.

Consider; as of the signing of the Oslo Accords there were less than 200,000 illegal ( as adjudicated by the Israeli Supreme Court ) settlers, today there are over 500,000.

You should care because these zealots live (die?) to bring on Armageddon which for them means their Messiah, their rapture, and an end to this miserable existence. However we, who scoff at their Bronze Age myths, will still be caught up in the nuclear exchange they avow to precipitate following Deuteronomy’s injunction to cleanse ‘their’ land of all Gentiles. Which will have the unfortunate concomitant effect of no more Kobe steaks, vodka martinis, Ferraris, Yankee games, or sex on the beach for those of us enjoying this life, versus praying for the next one.


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