Letter from the First Infantry Division Officer

My Great Good Friends,

I thoroughly enjoy reading all responses to my modest missives from acquaintances and strangers alike. The letter below is particularly poignant in that it illustrates these are not academic or political, idealogical or philosophical arguments.

The power the Zionist lobby represents a real world threat to real Americans like the young First Infantry Division Officer who penned the letter below.



Having taken a similar position to your own since 1968, I have often found myself called by many names including Nazi and Anti-Semitic, this in spite of the fact that my daughter in law is Jewish, and my grandchildren refer to themselves as Greekish.

It is of interest to note, that while serving with the First Infantry Division in Germany, during the early 70’s our Division was put on full alert, rode off to Wiesbaden AFB with our APCs and such and signed our Last Wills. We were about to load the C-130s, when we were told the Israelis had won the conflict and we were “not needed.”

Our Battalion Commander, a highly decorated Colonel of Infantry and Veteran of Vietnam, at a subsequent Officer’s call wondered aloud if the Israelis would have been as quick to respond on our behalf as we had been for them. He was reprimanded shortly thereafter for that comment and demoted to a lesser command. End of career. We, that is the Officers, were all stunned and wondered who had ratted out a great guy and what he had said that was so wrong (it was not).

I am reminded of Winston Churchill’s quote that “All men are equal and all distinctions between them are unhealthy and undemocratic.” And he was an honorary citizen of the US.

Your Pal,


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