How Did The Bard Put It?

My Great Good Friends,

How did the Bard put it: “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

So BHO says he has two lines of attack:

Congressional action re renewing assault weapons ban, etc. However his Majority Leader in the Senate says he won’t propose legislation which could not get past the House. The House, where a Republican majority says it’s DOA. So, Senator ‘Vegas’ Harry leaves his President turning in the wind.

Executive fiat actions. I read all 23 and when I was finished I re-read them thinking I must have missed something. It was pabulum, pabulum chewed be a sow and pooped, then run over by a truck, a big truck. Nothing but mush there, nothing.

In order:

  1. ‘Issue a Presidential memo’
  2. ‘Address legal barriers’.
  3. ‘Improve incentives’.
  4. ‘Direct the AG to review’.
  5. ‘Propose rulemaking’.
  6. ‘Publish a letter’.
  7. ‘Launch a national safety campaign’.
  8. ‘Review safety standards’.
  9. ‘Issue (another) Presidential memo’.
  10. ‘Release a report’.
  11. ‘Nominate an ATF director’.
  12. ‘Provide first responders with training’.
  13. ‘Maximize enforcement efforts’.
  14. ‘Issue (yet another) Presidential memo’, this one to the CDC.
  15. ‘Challenge the private sector’.
  16. ‘Clarify Obama Care’.
  17. ‘Release a letter’.
  18. ‘Provide incentives’.
  19. ‘Develop model plans’.
  20. ‘Release (another) letter, this one re Medicaid.
  21. ‘Finalize regs re health benefits within Obama Care’.
  22. ‘Commit to mental health parity regs’.
  23. ‘Launch a national dialogue’.

I kid you not. That’s it;

Issue (3), Address, Improve, Direct, Propose, Publish, Launch (2), Review, Release (3), Nominate, Provide (2), Maximize, Challenge, Clarify, Develop, Finalize and Commit.



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