‘ol Buddy Mike, part 5 – NYPD Turbans


Israel is a racist misogamist apartheid theocracy.

You’re sounding foolish, e.x.; ‘civilized world’, huh? You make it sound like I cite third world lunatics, if you would please read my relevant essays you will see they are based upon OECD, EU, Commonwealth, NATO, etc., published material. Thanks to the Zionist media influences here we are the only civilized country who have not called out these genocidal maniacs.

AnyHowitzer, remember the shortest resolution in UN history: “ZIONISM EQUALS RACISM” why don’t you check if any ‘civilized countries’ voted ‘yes’.



Just heard on Bloomberg: NYPD will let cops wear turbans rather than standard caps [link Ed.] – but hey, keep pushing for the muzzies to annihilate Israel…

This is a war for civilization – here and in Israel – and civilized countries need to stick together.


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