‘ol Buddy Mike, part 9 – Stationary Aircraft Carrier


The first time I went around this bush was a symposium circa 1972 with three Professors who later became founders of the Neo Conservative movement.

After I had gone on for a while about the cost to America for supporting Israel, they acknowledged my points and shut me down when one said “Anthony, think of it as our largest aircraft carrier in the region.”

Well, 45 years later, warfare technology having moved on a bit, what we ‘no longer need’ is a stationary aircraft carrier.

How you construe criticism of Israel as pro- Islamo-fascist is either ignorance or, I suspect, a rhetorical gambit like equating criticism of Israeli policy to anti-Semitism. Intellectually beneath you and an embarrassing position to take, but, I suppose easier than facing the facts and then being ostracized in your adopted social circle.



U do that. We and Israel share an enemy… and since we no longer need their oil, time to turn up the heat on the jihadis and their friends.

Not sure y u take the muzzies side on this.


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