Why I Haven’t Lost A Bet

My Great Good Friends,

For years we have been listening to Israeli’s leadership threaten ( with the false bravado of those who know themselves to actually be impotent ) military action to stop Iran’s nuclear programs. And, beginning about four years ago, after a luncheon with General Petraeus where these threats were discussed, I began laying six month rolling wagers with pro-Israel vicariously phony tough loudmouths and have cleaned up.

{ Aside to Jack : Your radio station owning friend is zero for three years and has not paid up. ]

Well now comes Mr. Edward Snowden, and irrespective of your opinion of his motivation, no one has challenged the veracity of the documents he has leaked.

Documents which put a little sharper point on the Obama Administrations motivation for being the most even handed on Middle East policy since the first President Bush.

Where I could only site events like Jonathan Pollard’s life sentence for espionage against us on behalf of Israel, or the Israeli’s combined air and sea attack on the USS Liberty killing 34 crew members ( 31 sailors, 2 Marines and 1 civilian ) and wounding 171 others, or their squandering a solely US strategic advantage by employing a Stuxnet precursor, , or misappropriating US intelligence for their bombing of Osirak ( which by the way, was the public reason Admiral Inman, then second at the CIA, stated for limiting shared intelligence to within 250 miles of their border) to support my contention, now thanks to Mr. Snowden we have this:
From the FY 2013 secret congressional budget justification for intelligence program funding:

“To further safeguard our classified networks, we continue to strengthen threat detection capabilities across the Community.
We are investing in surveillance and offensive CI (counterintelligence) against key targets; China, Russia, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Cuba.”

So, in spite of AIPAC buying Congress, it looks like the Obama Administration understands our ‘allies’ are to be judged by their actions not their lobbyists and apologists.

And, thanks to a pro Zionist media the naïve continue to take my bets.

Have a Great Holiday Weekend, and remember: Labor without Capital is just a Hobby.


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