Copycat Religion… #6, Reply to Trent (9 of 10)


An excellent suggestion, I’ll get the book this weekend.

Freud’s ‘The Future of an Illusion’ does an excellent job of explaining how the innate human longing you allude to gave impetus to the multiple God constructs across cultures and ages.

Vis the Pagan Gods you mention, consider: While you and I are atheists as to a belief in Zeus or Athena there were many men (some possibly as intelligent as you and I) who believed as deeply in them as you do in Jesus. Further consider the amazing similarity between hundreds of Gods’ ‘back stories’ which is dispositive as to the God is man-made argument. And finally consider, a millennia hence Jesus may be another name on the long list.

To date I have barely gotten into the ‘Man created God(s)’ half of my stated argument objective. And to the extent you have called an audible with the book-centric discussion I probably won’t get an opportunity to persuade you of my second stated argument’s objective; ‘Religion is a Source of Evil’. So I’ll leave that second objective aside with one image: The nineteen most devoutly religious passengers on the four 9-11 planes were the hijackers.


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