Copycat Religion… #6, Reply from Trent (8 of 10)

Glad he’s paying attention to my rants.


It takes a lot of faith to stand up against so many centuries of human wondering, longing and assuming that somehow, somewhere there is a God. All those many pagan “gods” the world has forgotten about too. Frankly, I appreciate that I do not have the tools (nor required time) to adequately enter into a debate on the existence of God with you. However, examining why we are were we are with respect to our beliefs might be a worthwhile endeavor.

I plan to read Jim Holt’s philosophical primer Why Does the World Exist: An Existential Detective. The title aside, I heard it raises great philosophical problems that let few of us off the hook. The framework of Holt’s book may be a good place to have a conversation as to how we end up where we are on this fundamental question.

A client has sent me 4 books in the last couple weeks that I need to look at, not on religion or philosophy, but I plan to order Holt’s book today and invite you to do so as well.


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