‘ol Buddy Mike, part 11 – Anti Israeli Sentiment


As you may recall from when I informed you VDH’s middle name is Davis not David (as you had written) I have met him on occasion during the period he was a weekly luncheon companion of Vice President Cheney.

I have read all of his published works and commend ‘An Autumn of War‘ to your attention.

Vis the article below the answer to the title’s question is in the body of the article:

  1. As stated: There is a long litany of bad actors in the world, and if any of them also had a minuscule minority of the American population leveraging their political contributions to advantage their identification homeland to our disadvantage (e.x.: billions in aid annually / alienating other bad guys with whom an alliance of convenience might be a benefit to us / just one soldier, sailor, marine or airman put at risk ) I would say fuck that country too.But until and unless I see an American (fill in any nation) Political Action Committee also working against our interests your pals will have to stand the gaff alone.
  2. As also stated in the article: Anti semitism. Yup. (Although I would say more current than ‘ancient’.)
  3. Again as stated: “The world’s problem is the Israelis are jews.” Yup, and jew’s problem is they refuse to assimilate. Paranoid for their security (even in America, their last best hope) they hedge their loyalty and are seen as ‘Internationalists’ or ‘Cosmopolitans’. And when bad times inevitably follow good; as ‘Fucking Traitors’ with divided loyalties. With examples easily illustrated by hate mongers wanting to scape goat (another charming notion from your Old Testament) them with “let’s fry us up another couple of them Rosenbergs’ spies”.
  4. Finally, as stated: Other nations “sort out Israels enemies by their natural resources, geography and population – and conclude supporting Israel is a bad deal in cost / benefit terms.”

No shit, so other countries are assessing their self interests and acting accordingly. Wow.

Apparently we are the only country to subordinate our interests to the Israelis, but then we’re back where we began: While Capital Hill may be “Israeli occupied territory” I can’t think of another national government about which that can be said.

VDH is just pissed he hasn’t had a free lunch at the Naval Observatory in eight years,



From a historian I think you respect: Why The Anti-Israeli Sentiment


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