‘ol Buddy Mike, part 12 – Israel Destroyed?

Ahh come on Michael, these tropes like ‘destroy Israel’, ‘the only democracy in the region’, ‘closest ally’ are so hardwired into your view that it’s like you are arguing with yourself; I’ve never said it was my ‘wish to see Israel destroyed’.

In fact I had explained in great detail my ‘wish’ was to see it exposed as the only country which consistently succeeds in subordinating American interests to it’s own. In the belief that my countrymen will (when the cloak of Israels fifth columnists in the MSM, cultural institutions and AIPAC funded politicians is exposed) reassert American interest primacy.

More importantly if you were to seek news more broadly, say British and Israeli outlets in addition to Fox News and conservative talk radio (((hosts))), you would be aware the FBI revealed on their web-site last Sunday night the countries which hacked Hillary were the villainous Chinks, Ruskies, and, … wait for it … the Jews.

As you’re about to volley back the ‘everyone hacks everyone’ tripe: Yeah I know but consider the reaction of my fellow countrymen if that were when that is reported here.

“These are great days we’re living bro. We bestride the earth like jolly green giants … with guns.”
 — Michael Herr


Bring your boy out, we’ll take him to the club for some rifle / pistol / s-gun. It may become a motivating interest for him.



We shall see if your wish to see Israel destroyed comes true giving the evil muslims a monopoly in the region… I think not.



On VDH; no pithy talking points?

How about we get some cheap flights to Paris to be there for the big party?

Loathe to admit my pessimism (which I put down to living in the microscopic quantum bubble of NYC and / or too many semitic dates) I had no notion things could go this well, or this quickly.

AnyHowitzer, wherein-as-how I stated: Irrespective of what the new administration does or doesn’t do vis your fellow tribesmen the rest of the world will sort them out. But again, given the Quixotic nature of the fight here, I was conditioned to expect it would be at least two or three sessions of the UN trying to get out of their own way before substantive steps would be taken. Yup, wrong again; three fucking weeks, just fucking amazing.


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