‘ol Buddy Mike, part 13 – Right to Exist


All right ‘ol boy, a good point.

At the risk of becoming Mr. Moto;

  1. My sole interest is America, which I believe is the best hope for the largest number of people (including Jews) since the Pax Romana.
  2. No country has a right to exist (fill in your favorite ten extinct examples here).
  3. Every country has the right to try to survive by any means including deceiving, manipulating and betraying it’s patron (you would say ally) of the moment. Hence I fully understand Israels actions from the USS Liberty to hacking Hillary. And their litany of deeds and words (from Mossad’s motto to decades of PMs across the political spectrum) to hedge against the day of wavering American support.
  4. Unless of course the rationale for a modern state’s existence can be a genocidal ethnic cleansing permission myth give by an imaginary god to a Bronze Age tribe. In which case they’re just bat-shit nuts, and probably should be closed down before the same myth inspires their more orthodox militant fringe to end the party for everyone.

Separately, according to the J-Post the required proof of ethnicity for full citizenship will no longer be based on genealogical documentation. Blood based DNA tests are the new standard.

Imagine how much paperwork and pseudo-science that could have saved those other racist fucks back in the 1930s.



There is a simple reality – either Israel exists or it doesn’t. Despite your obfuscations, there are arrayed against the existance of Israel a variety of powerful countries.

If you continue to degrade their ability to exist and prosper, you embolden their enemies. And THEIR ENEMIES WANT TO DESTROY THEM AND KILL ALL THE JEWS. That is their stated purpose.

So either you are for their right to exist or you are in favor of their destruction. But do not pretend otherwise.


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