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My Great Good Friends,

As some of you know I am willing to pursue any discussion to it’s logical conclusion, even (maybe especially) if it is likely to upend my threshold assumption. None of this “let’s agree to disagree” bullshit for me.

As a corollary I will not leave an intelligent question unanswered.

While no one questioned the assessment of Rabbi Yisrael Ariel as a psychotic mirror image of his Mullah counterparts, two friends did suggest that his insanity is not as dangerous as the Islamists promoting the same hate tactics because he is not in a position of political or military authority.

Point taken. So, as an exemplar of a person at the heart of the governmental hierarchy – with unassailable religious, political and military authority – who can not be disavowed by the current Likud lunatics, consider Brigadier General Eyal Karim.

Recently promoted to the IDF’s highest religious post with the support of Israel’s two Chief Rabbis and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, from his current billet as second in command, there is a long public record of (then Colonel) Karim’s genocidal support for ethnic cleansing worthy of the worst Islamist or Einsatzgruppen maniac.

For example: In his column “Ask the Rabbi” Karim responds to a variety of questions on the specifics of Jewish religious law. One of which was “Is it allowed for an IDF soldier, to rape girls during battle, or is such a thing forbidden?” And the Rabbi / General’s reply: “Even though fraternizing with a Gentile women is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime … the Torah permits the individual to satisfy the evil urge.”

The good Rabbi / General also opined in Kapi his approval of burning Christian bibles, torturing captives and killing wounded terrorists since “Terrorists should not be treated as human beings because they are animals.”

In another article the good Rabbi / General called for the State of Israel to be turned into a monarchy unhindered by democratic restraints to “bring a genocide upon the people of Amalek”. Unfortunately for him the Amalek people whose destruction is called for in the Torah have no lineal descendants alive today so the good Rabbi / General attributes their “bloodline” to Israel’s current enemies and proscribes a ‘divinely commanded’ extermination. Messianic lunatic views you and I have been conditioned to expected from a Mullah.

And for giggles, know this jackass ruled military court testimony of females could not be dispositive due to their “sentimental” nature. And, soldiers can opt out of serving under females if it would be upsetting to them “to gaze upon her”.

In line with Rabbi Ariel’s Sanhedrin idiocy, in 2013 the good Rabbi / General produced a booklet distributed to all IDF personnel stating “Jewish supremacy is divinely ordained and will always overrule laws of democracy”. And not to be outdone by Afrikaner apartheid, the little hate manual goes on to say: “The concept that non-Jews have equal rights with Jews in Israel goes against the opinion of the Torah, and the states representatives have no authority to act against the Torah’s will.”

So, one might challenge my previous missive on the grounds that while Rabbi Ariel is a sick bastard he is not in a position central to Israeli policy and governmental power, that certainly can not be said of General / Rabbi Eyal Karim.

Honor is due to David Sheen for his article re-published in English in ‘+972 Magazine’ which precipitated a shit storm. However, you guessed it; after the dust settled the IDF’s Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot approved the promotion. Which makes sense because although it’s a well hidden fact, the fact is, this genocidal fuck is perfectly in line with his government’s true intentions.


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