The Seven Noahide Laws

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The essay exploring the genesis of the phrase ‘Judaeo – Christian’ was particularly well received.

The concluding rhetorical; “How can a concept which was unknown to the Founders, was politically contrived to avert a domestic pogrom, and is ontologically ridiculous, be any part of our definition of America?” has provoked a number of interesting questions.

Specifically, the reference to a divine warrant for violent proselytizing and ethnic cleansing raised the question; ‘is that a historic or contemporary reference?’.

Sadly, the answer is contemporary. And the proponents may surprise you.

For example within the last six months Pope Francis’ direction of the Holy See’s diplomatic position on Palestine ignited a fury among senior mullahs who convened a court in Teheran condemning the Pontiff, President Obama, and the European Union in absentia for denying their claim for “exclusive patrimony” over historic Palestine.

More disconcerting was the statements by mullah ababa sobini who stated that according to the Islamic sage Sedinomiam, Muslims are commanded to kill non-Muslims who do not agree to be governed by Sharia law.

The mullah went on to explain ‘what is peace’ under the Koran: “You ask; do you follow the seven Noahide Laws? If so, we will allow you to live. If not, we kill all of the males by sword, we keep only the women.” He went on to say “If they raise the flag of surrender from then on there is no more Christianity, no more Judaism, the Temples and Christian spires come down and they will follow the seven Noahide Laws.

OK, OK, OK, enough of this fun. The more astute readers will ave noticed the clues; the seven Noahide Laws are obviously from the Old Testament, and the great sage Sedinomiam is Maimonides spelled backwards.

AnyHowitzer, for those of you so lulled by the American media that you can’t recognize a genocidal apartheid state, the actual names which I substituted with the names in bold typeface are, in order:

Mullah for – Rabbi
Teheran for – Jerusalem
Mullah Ababa Sobini for – Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Muslims for – Jews
non-Muslims for – non-Jews
Sharia for – Jewish
Koran for – Torah
Judaism for – Islam
Temples for – Mosques

If you doubt this sick fuck Rabbi Yisrael Ariel called for the killing of the Pope and our President and genocide to all non-Jews who won’t convert or submit, you can watch his September 9, 2015 rant at

And lest you claim he is an outlier kook of no consequence know he is formerly rabbi of the Jewish Seminary at Yamit, second on the electoral list for the political party Kach, and currently leader of “nascent sanhedrin rabbis”. He has called Baruch Goldstein (convicted of killing 29 Palestinians at prayer in a Hebron Mosque) “a martyr, and martyrs are above saints and righteous men”.

So, other than promising Baruch 79 virgins, how are these psycho rabbis and their all too current hatred any different from the mullahs also citing Bronze Age myths to get people to kill other peoples kids?


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